Pro Scooters


It is no argument that we have the largest selection of Pro Scooter Completes and Parts within 100 miles. We were there when the sport first came out and we were the first shop in the USA to carry Madd Gear Pro Scooters. Come in and check out our Huge selection of Scooters and more.. at the best prices!

Nitro Circus was founded by friends with a passion for pushing the limits while having fun in the process. With a drive to continuously break boundaries in the name of innovation and adventure, there’s never a dull moment when the Nitro Circus crew is around. Our camaraderie and risk-taking spirit is ingrained in everything we do—from our TV shows and films, to our digital series and photos, to consumer products and partnerships, and the live show.

Nitro Circus’ incorporation of scootering in its live shows and contests has played a big role advancing the sport and getting us closer to the main stage.  Nitro Circus’ R Willy Signature product line up allows fans to ride like their favorite high flying pro!

Here is an awesome Christmas Idea:

The Jumpack Pro – 3 Stage Jump Ramp.  This is the larger 3 stage ‘Pro’ edition of Jumpack. Comprising of three complete deck units which can be unfolded ‘Transformer’ style to deploy the ramp with no requirement for assembly at location. It can be deployed in under 15 seconds by following the deployment instruction procedure included with the packaging.

Come in and Check Out the new Envy KOS S6 series and be wowed!

If a Custom Scooter is what you are looking for, we can do just that. You Pick the brands and colors and we will shoot you a quote and picture.